Sushma Sharma


This course offers students a transition from wheel-based robots to automatic machines.

Robotics Maker focuses on AUTOMATION and takes you on a hands-on project discovery tour highlighting the importance of automation in various professional sectors like security, agriculture, manufacturing, and domestic.

The Robotics Maker course will help you:

• Understand the fundamentals of automation.

• Build your own mobile apps for automation projects

• Get hands-on experience with automation tasks such as sensor selection, project planning and model design.

• Learn how to utilize coding to automate fixed hardware with multiple functionalities.

Key Skills/Tools - Troubleshooting Electronics, App Design, Coding, Algorithmic Thinking, Arduino powered wired and wireless automation.


  Introduction to Resistor

  • Introduction to Resistor
  • Homework Activity
  • Topic-Resistor

  Ohm's Law

  • Ohm's Law
  • Homework Activity
  • Topic - ohm's law

  Introduction to Transistor

  • Transistor
  • Transistor Home Work
  • Topic - Transistor

  Water Level Indicator

  • Water Level Indicator
  • Homework for Water level indicator
  • Topic-Water Level Indicator

  App Designing

  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor
  • How to Login in MIT App Inventor
  • Image app homework
  • Topic-App Designing

  Text to Speech

  • Text to Speech
  • Text to speech
  • Text to speech homework
  • Topic - Text to Speech

  Speech to Text

  • Speech to text doc
  • Speech to text
  • speech to text homework
  • Topic - Speech To Text App

  Sound Box App

  • Sound Box
  • Sound app
  • Sound app homework
  • Topic - Sound Box

  Multiscreen programming

  • Multiscreen ppt
  • Multiscreen stepwise document
  • Multiscreen app
  • Multiple screen homework
  • Topic - Multiscreen programming

  Session 10 - MIT Assistant

  • Session 10 - MIT Assistant
  • MIT assistant
  • MIT Assistant recording
  • Mit assistant homework
  • MIT Assistant

  Evaluation -1

  • Evaluation - 1

   Bluetooth LED OFF with MIT

  • Bluetooth LED ON/OFF With MIT

  Voice Controlled LED ON/OFF using MIT

  • Voice Controlled LED ON/OFF using MIT

  Introduction to LCD

  • Introduction to LCD
  • LCD H.W.

  Weekly test - 1

  • Weekly Test - 1

  Session 16 - LCD Timer

  • LCD Timer
  • LCD Timer Assignment